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Learning Heikin-Ashi is the first step. Understanding the full benefits of Heikin-Ashi is a longer process.

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A large number of trading platforms have implemented Heikin-Ashi in visual or/and quantifiable formats. The Heikin-Ashi Daily Chartbook combines Heikin-Ashi with a solid risk management in three timeframes.

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what traders SAY

"Heikin-Ashi is a practical and visual guide to explain this technique and breaks new ground in trading the trends. The book demonstrates how the technique, both visual and quantifiable, is used to identify and anticipate market moves. Illustrated with more than 130 charts, the Heikin-Ashi book shows how to identify and profit from trends. This is the guide for savvy traders and investors who want to improve their current trading and investing approach. This book offers a comprehensive description of this innovative technique."

Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine (November 2012)

"I have just come to the end of your book. It is one of the best I have read on an aspect of technical analysis.The HA Delta is a very neat addition. There are so many other ideas that look promising as well, such as adding a short MA to decide if the trend is definitely over or not. I will start reading it a second time next week. I am looking forward to more from Mr. Valcu, such as DVD's, because there are so many ideas from the book that people will be interested in.Thank you again for an outstanding book."

John B. - USA

"The book is a must read for those who want to become trend followers, who want to eliminate frustration and mental blocks from trading and stay in the zone calm and relaxed every day, making better and consistent investment decisions. I wish I could have had more focus on Heikin-Ashi combined with Ichimoku earlier! However it's never too late."

David M. - Hungary

"I first became aware of Heikin-Ashi about a year ago. But I never realised how powerful tool it was until I read Danís book. Especially when used in combination with the haDelta indicator."
My trading will never be the same again. Thank you."

Andrew W. - United Kingdom

"Of all the approaches I've reviewed so far, I am confident HA (Heikin-Ashi) offers me the best swing/positional trading opportunity of anything I've seen."

Jerry I. - USA 

"Your book is really an eye opener and dramatically changes everything in a better way, which gave me the possibility to make and conclude very easily three successful trades in the last two days basing on the simple rules of Heikin Ashi and its indicator haDelta. I know that I still need to get more experience with Heikin Ashi, and that trading is not always successful, but now I am aware I have a powerful instrument in my hands."

Antonio De A. - Italy

"I have read your book and it was an eye opener and cleared my vision about how my trading will go on in the future. Thank you for that."

Ben S. - Belgium

"I have received the book here in India. Thanks a lot. Your book is simply great, no words to describe as to how simple you have made it."

D.P - India

"Dan, Firstly I'd like to thank you for the book on Heikin-Ashi. I've been battling with the markets for years now, studying many of the major indicators and  many complex Fibonacci based trading systems, I'm very surprised at how well HA stacks up against all of them. In your book you put HA up against Candlesticks and various other major indicators and each time HA holds its own against all of them. I have now added HA to my overall trading plan and am currently trading a plan based on HA only nothing else and I'm very impressed at how well it works. Heikin-Ashi is a game changer."

Lee C. - Australia

"I have been using HA exclusively with Ichimoku, OBV, and Stochastics 4,3,2.I have had nothing but success. Thank you."

Peter B. - USA

"Dan, Book received 11/17/2011 - thus far best TA book I have ever read!Have only read of few select chapters, in my view, you cannot use HA charts without reading your book - too many insights and useful information to mention. The harami chapter, so far, was especially useful to me. Heikin-Ashi has been very useful in my trading versus candles, the reason being one does not to remember all the different candle formations and their meanings. In other words, Heikin-Ashi is much simpler to follow and act upon versus candles."

Michael J K - USA

"Dan, Thanks you so much for your persistence. I appreciate the obvious concern you have for your customers, a rare quality these days. Thanks again."

Dennis A. - USA

"Dein Buch hilft mir bereits sehr viel! Wirklich ganz super."

Muriel T. - Switzerland

"Hi Dan. I got the book. Spent most of the weekend reading it. Short and to the point. Thank you."

Noel L. - USA

"Thanks. I'm halfway the book & it's very good + mind opening."

Balasz F - Hungary