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What are your Heikin-Ashi trading candidates for tomorrow? Delivered every day after market close, the three Heikin-Ashi chart books including Heikin-Ashi daily signals tables, offer now over 6,500 Heikin-Ashi charts with Heikin-Ashi-specific technical indications about trend strengths and weaknesses, reversals, and consolidations. For each symbol, three time frames are available: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. And for each time frame and symbol, all chart books provide Heikin-Ashi candles, haDelta, and haOscillator (a proprietary indicator).

Chart book/ Size(Mb) Stocks for #stocks #charts/day Frequency Subscription
1 (6.8Mb) S&P-500 500 ~4,500 Daily 3 months
2 (1.5Mb) NASDAQ-100 (NDX) 100 ~900 Daily
3 (1.9Mb) NASDAQ Biotechnology (NBI) ~140 ~1,260 Daily
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Delivery terms

  • Each chart book is delivered as a PDF file ready for download to your computer.
  • Dropbox download links are sent to all subscribers after the market close.
  • To download the chart books, click on each Dropbox link, press 'Download' followed by 'Direct download'.
  • It's highly recommended to download all three chart books every day. Periodically, old chart books are removed from the repository.
  • In case of non-delivery, the subscription period is extended with the period representing the loss of service.

Payment terms

  • All subscription payments are registered and processed by PayPal.
  • No refunds - partial or total - for cancellations.
  • No subscription auto-renewals and no recurring billing.
  • Subscriptions must be manually renewed by subscribers after expiration.
  • Each subscription payment will appear on your credit/debit card as from Educofin.
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